On Friday three weeks ago, a few days after getting the invitation, I connected to my first ever Clubhouse room as a listener. As many thousands of users before me, I was excited and hooked after leaving the room.

On the next day, I spent the entire evening listening to various discussions, opening profiles of moderators, speakers, visitors and following a few dozen of my fellow clubhousers.

On Sunday, I had about fifteen different shows lined up for that evening and I kept listening and switching rooms till late.

At the end of this third, and enjoyable evening indeed, I…

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Remote work has already progressed through the first two stages of Gandhi’s model for change: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

~Jason Fried and David Hansson, founders of Basecamp

When in the 1980s IBM started installing remote terminals in several employees’ houses, it was an unprecedented move. Even for technological companies like them.

IBM wanted to lead the industry and making such radical steps was necessary to show who is the leader. By 1983 over 2 000 of their employees were remote. …

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Today, global communication means that new products can be conceived and built anywhere and customers can discover them at an unprecedented pace.

Eric Ries, The Startup Way

It does not matter where we live anymore.

A few decades ago location defined our options. Top fashion designers were moving to Paris, savvy financial analysts to London. Wannabe politicians to Washington, slick lobbyists to Brussel. First class developers to Silicon Valley and lawyers of all grades to New York. Every specialisation had its own paradise on this planet.

Remote work has changed everything.

It does not mean that the local businesses exist…

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Thirty years ago remote work looked as futuristic as work from Mars. We did not have mobile phones, e-mails nor the fast Internet connection. We worked with landlines, post deliveries and yellow pages.

From sending letters and faxes, calling people and waiting for a quick response we moved into an era where everything happens instantly.

Where we used to need various tools, devices and accessories to do our jobs, we need only a computer, fast internet connection, mobile phone and the right processes in place.

The only missing part here is a widespread understanding that everything has changed. …

Time is the only limited currency in our life.

We spend at work at least one third of our daily allowance. Why allowance? From everything we have available in life, time is the only thing we can’t get more or even reuse some at our will. Nope, not even Elon Musk can do that. At least not for now.

And we all know it.

Nobody comes into adulthood not knowing life is in some extent very short and our time here limited. No matter how educated we are, how successful, how much we care about our health, body, food or sleep. One day it all ends.

And we all…

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We hear it from everywhere — work-life balance is the most important thing to achieve. Not only for remote workers but for everyone.

The statement comes from a premise that we can express the both parts in absolute numbers. Then we balance the scales so the level is just right and work hard to keep it that way as long as possible. Or even forever.

Our life does not work this way though.

We can express neither of the both parts in absolute numbers not even set a ratio. …

Can you work from home when your kids are around?

I have been working from home for almost a decade. When I started it was only me and my wife. She left for work every day; I stayed and worked from home.

Later, we become parents and things have changed. I don’t want to write about parenting challenges here though, no worries. What I mean by changed is that working from home was not a peaceful nor a private experience any more.

Kids started to be around.

When talking to my friends they often asked how it was even possible…

Working remotely bursts your creativity.

It won’t not happen automatically though. It’ll happen, because you’ll feel an urge to do more meaningful things.

In first few moments of unplugging from the system, you want to keep your productivity on a similar or a bit higher level as before. That is natural.

You want to prove yourself that the major life change was a good one.

Once this feeling dissolves you want to get even better.

Things settle and there must be another level in your personal development. Not because somebody forces you but because you want to go a…


Learning is essential for you. Even more, if working for yourself.

The easiest mistake that anyone can make is ignoring constant and continuous learning.

Remote work starts your independence and if processed and led properly, it will become your nature.

You may stay and work on one thing for months or even years but you’ll be restless after some time, anyway. If you accept your calling, you won’t be able to accept routine and monotonous work anymore.

How can you avoid that?

By learning and expanding your knowledge and skills.

The challenge is when to learn.

You want to…


When building a habit, the most important thing is continuity and repetition.

It is not about the quality. Not even about the time. It is all about the continuity and repetition.

When you go to the gym, more important than working out for an hour and half each time, as all fitness magazines suggest, is to work out continuously. In scheduled days again. And again.

It is not important whether you practise 20 or 40 minutes for the first few weeks. The only important thing is doing it regularly and return again. And again.

It is better to start…

Ivan Sabo

Entrepreneur (reading.fm, audiolibrix.com, publixing.com). Trail runner. Stoic. Low-carb and plastic free advocate.

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